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Why waste time, effort and money on inferior forming methods? As builders across North America are discovering, there is only one insulating concrete forming system that has risen above the crowd - Superform!

Superform insulated concrete forming (ICF) system is the strongest.
Superform ICF provides the largest, widest and thickest backing for wall finishes.
Superform  ICF is the only system to  provides as much R-Value. 
Superform  ICF is the only system to provide a massive,  3" wide backing at outside corners.
Superform  ICF is manufactured by builders that have used the other ICF types and made it better. 


New ICF homeowners almost always remark on how unbelievably quiet their new house is compared with their old, stick-built home. They expect the newfound comfort and energy efficiency, and the peace and quiet - the protection from outside noise- never fails to surprise and delight them.You can also design your own shed with Designer sheds.

In sound transmission tests, ICF walls allowed less than one third as much sound to pass through as do ordinary frame walls filled with fiberglass. With double glazed windows in ICF walls, and beefed-up roof insulation, you will rarely hear street noises or airport traffic.


The high-mass walls of an ICF home, give it a remarkably solid feel, and they also make it safer for the family, and make it a solid and secure investment too. Concrete homes have a proven track record of withstanding the ravages of hurricanes, tornadoes and fires, while all the stick-built houses around them are in ruins.

In fire wall tests, ICF's stood exposure to intense flame without structural failure much longer than common frame walls. The polystyrene foam used is treated so it will not support combustion. Also, tests show its tendency to transmit an outside flame source is less than most wood products. Many insurance carriers are now offering a discount on a home owner's policy for an ICF home!


With ICF homes, the equation is simple. No Rot = Less Repair and Maintenance. Polystyrene or concrete will ever rot or rust. Concrete can even be exposed to the elements for centuries with few ill effects. Reinforcing steel, buried deep inside and protected by concrete's alkalinity, is corrosion free.


Originally developed in Europe (where concrete home building is a standard) ICF systems have been used successfully around the world for more than 30 years. Thousands of ICF homes have been built in recent years throughout the United States and Canada. They have proven successful in every region and climate, from Orlando to Calgary. ICF systems are accepted by all the major model codes in the U.S., and by the R-2000 program in Canada.

Enough has been said in recent years about the benefits of building with ICF's. Most people can see and understand the differences between conventional construction methods and the newer, more energy-efficient concrete alternative. Now the time has come to separate the mediocre from the outstanding!

Numerous contractors have left their old ICF's in the dust (so to speak) after trying Superform. No other system can withstand the hydrostatic pressures exerted by 10 or even 12 vertical feet of 6" slump concrete in one pour! Ties with 1 3/4" wide flanges, spaced every 6", create a block, in the words of one Canadian Construction Engineer, "_is the only ICF I know of that is able to conform to Government standards regarding concrete pressures."

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